From $150 per hour remotely or $200 per hour in house.

Is your property management department running as efficiently as it could be? Do you have all the letter templates, processes and procedures in place that your team require?

Looking to develop or start your own property management business but not sure where to turn? Looking at moving your current software over to Property Me? Let us guide you.

When did you last do an audit of your property management files? Are you aware of the documents required to be kept for properties under your management? If you have no idea what we are talking about or it has been a while, this service could save you money. Quite often we locate simple errors, oversights or worse still mismanagement that could result in fines and legal ramifications. We can take the ease out of this tedious task. Our agents can come in and do a full compliance audit on your property management files to ensure they are all up to date & correct.

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Remote Portfolio Management

From $65 per hour

In our industry, it often can be quite challenging to find hard-working, professional and long-term dedicated property managers. Ever-increasing labour costs and current retention rates make it hard to find the right person for the job. At PMP, we can provide our clients with all the support they need at a fraction of the price.

Our remote portfolio management service allows you to save tens of thousands of dollars on your employment costs & will free you up to invest this back into the growth of your business. You will have a team of local, experienced professionals working for you fifty-two weeks of the year at a fraction of the price it would cost to hire someone in house. You also have the option to advertise us on your website as a staff member of your office and we will provide a full profile and professional image of the consultant assigned to your portfolio.

Prior to commencement our Team Leaders spend time with you conducting a thorough handover and portfolio assessment. We will consult with you to create a personalised checklist and procedure manual to assist us in the smooth transition and management of your portfolio. You will then be allocated a dedicated senior portfolio consultant for the ongoing management. We always train our entire team on your processes and procedures, as well as provide in depth training to two senior managers per client. This gives you the peace of mind knowing your portfolio will always be covered even if your dedicated PM is away. Your second PM (or any of our experienced team members) will be available to jump on at the last minute without any disruptions.

Our fees are tax deductible and your portfolio is 100% covered under our insurance. No annual leave cover, no sick leave cover, no payroll tax, no super, no desk expenses, no insurance, We cover it ALL!!!! Did you know the true cost to hire a PM on a salary of $75,000 is in fact $111,833, for approx. 46 weeks a year.

So, if you are struggling to fill a role or have someone on leave why not give us a call, we have a pool of qualified property managers, so always have agents available to commence immediately!

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Keynote speaking

With over 20 years business & property management experience, Nina is a natural born leader who empower those around them. She is a valued member of the industry and provides training that is quirky & fun whilst remaining educational. Hard-working, ambitious and confident, Nina relishes the chance to guide, train and mentor upcoming real estate agents all the way through to career property managers. Her passion lies with passing on her skills and knowledge to produce exceptional industry professionals, our industry needs this to avoid shortages of good property managers later down the track. Her infectious personality resonates with people from all walks of life, young and old. Nina's passion for property management shines through whenever she is speaking. Whether it is one on one training or a full tailored schedule for your company Property Management Partners can cater to all requirements. If you’re looking for an industry trainer who has a deep knowledge of all things property management, who is an innovative thinker then contact us today to book Nina as a key note for your next event.
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